More snow kiting adventures

Been breaking in the GoPro a little more and practicing for Mille Lacs March crossing. Had some great powder recently with lots of cold weather to keep it nice and fluffy. Some days were mellow and 15m kite, others were 9m and out of control. Threw some Aphex Twin on there cause I like it and it gives a nice feeling of what I get out there.


For a little more fun here’s the HD version:


On the demo page:


Snow kiting Turtle Lake, MN

Just got the GoPro Hero 3+ for Christmas. What a blast being out on a bluebird day. Then more fun (well not as much obviously) on the editing. GoPro Studio is not too bad either. Still needed some AE to polish it off. So much winter wonder land up here in the Midwest.

Mix sets

Some music mix sets are fun as well.