ParaNorman CG Rigging Work

VFX CG Character auto-rig system developed in MEL with python and C++ API plugin support integrated into existing Laika pipeline.

VFX CG background and crowd character rigging of bodies and faces working closely with costume and Rapid Prototype department to deliver assets matching quality and specifications of hero stop motion puppets for ParaNorman (2012).

Copyright 2012, Focus Features and Laika Entertaiment

More legacy demo material

2013 Personal Demo Reel

This is a smaller resolution cut. A better version can be found on our website here:

Plugin development

While developing images we have to develop tools. Here’s some open source stuff for your consumption.

Previous legacy work

Having worked at Pixar, Lucasfilm, and Tippett Studio using proprietary, Autodesk, and open source tools we’ve created an extensive portfolio of work for character animation and visual effects driven story telling. Here’s some HD stills from a few of them. All copyrights belong to respective movie studios.

Warner Brothers Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger

Warner Brothers Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger

Pacific Rim Otachi Hong Kong

Disney Pixar The Incredibles

Disney Pixar The Incredibles

Disney Enchanted Pip

Disney Enchanted Pip

Constantine Vermin Man

Constantine Vermin Man

Charlotte's Web Templeton Rat

Charlotte’s Web Templeton Rat

Newline's Son of the Mask Otis the Dog

Newline’s Son of the Mask Otis the DogPacific Rim Ocean Battle Pacific Rim Otachi Hong Kong Sequence Pacific Rim Ocean Defense Gipsy vs Leatherback Pacific Rim Gipsy Shatterdome



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