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Go ninjas.

Allen and Heath XOne DX Serato ITCH DJ controller for sale.

Simulation treats.

Warcraft Trailer has finally arrived.

Lots of work with an incredibly talented team at ILM in Creature Development.

Radial blends

Very cool.

David Behrens | +1 (612) 910 7749

Colleague interview for transformers.

Jurassic Park; a look back.

Maya Brushes as they should be

Impressive facial rig

Pose Space Deformer without plugins

Shoulders with all native maya nodes with some useful explanations and tutorials.

Example files and a brief walkf through:

Video and file download links:

3 part tutorial of what si’t all doing and how to set it up.

While not as robust as a full PSD for shape interpolation, if planned cleanly this can do a lot for you.

Enjoy the links. Share the knowledge.