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Pose Space Deformer without plugins

Shoulders with all native maya nodes with some useful explanations and tutorials.

Example files and a brief walkf through:

Video and file download links:

3 part tutorial of what si’t all doing and how to set it up.

While not as robust as a full PSD for shape interpolation, if planned cleanly this can do a lot for you.

Enjoy the links. Share the knowledge.


Hilarious costume

Run 3D on your devices

Pretty cool demo of Blender in a browser:

The funny thing about creativity

MentalRay blog

Nice reference for MR.

Lotsa good stuff here…

Water HDRI

For all your underwater reference IBL needs.

Some eye candy to ponder

Setting up a skeleton and skinning it with Maya

Rigging and skinning, as I like to do it; aka the Wright way, as my grandmother Wright would say. Many frequent questions about skeleton creation, for limbs, spines, and skinning. Most of this is straight out of the box maya. A little pinch of ngSkinTools covered as well.

hippydrome mesh skinned (maya 2014

Here is a higher resolution version:

Ultra HD

Looks pretty slick.

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More snow kiting adventures

Been breaking in the GoPro a little more and practicing for Mille Lacs March crossing. Had some great powder recently with lots of cold weather to keep it nice and fluffy. Some days were mellow and 15m kite, others were 9m and out of control. Threw some Aphex Twin on there cause I like it and it gives a nice feeling of what I get out there.


For a little more fun here’s the HD version:


On the demo page: