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Random math and rigging links

As I dig into various methods and procedures for CG work, I find little bits of information I keep referring back to. Other times it’s just a random slice to get me over a hump. I trust if you found this, you’ll find it helpful.

General concepts:

Math in 3D:

Maya concepts:

Art, Science and Technical Blogs:

Maya gems:

Tools and repos:




Religious freedom in a nutshell.

“The reason democracy is failing and science is ignored is not because of Mark Zuckerberg (although he’s not helping), it’s because the system is designed to value belief over fact.”

Challenger Deep

Just the FACS ma’am

Some recent fascinating CG things.

Rabbit holes are meant to be fallen into

Been accused of falling into these repeatedly by coworkers like it is a bad thing. So today in raining, sheltered seclusion, I begin some rabbit hole discoveries. Like my rants on social media, mixes I assemble, or pontifications I give to my son, if you don’t read or listen or care, I’m still here. I’m not bothered either way. I’ll try not to insert too much commentary either, but more anecdotal musings and fact pointers for y’all to read or not at your leisure. Cheers!

Today’s rabbit hole falls down this path…

Hank Williams

Trent Reznor

Genesis P-Orridge

Paul Palladino

Lindsey Buckingham

So you’ve got Trent Reznor assimilating Hank Williams, Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac, and the very recent passing of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV lead transmogrified personalities… P-Orridge. All put together into a compelling  piece I’d always dug but not quite put together the source parts on. It’s dark but has a sweet compelling message it. A message that always resonated with me regardless of current events making it more apropos or not. 

While I’m Still Here (

Going through the archives and finding some gems from a few workings.

Go ninjas.