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David Richard Nelson
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David began his career in science at the University of Texas Health Science Center and University of Minnesota. He attended school at the University of Minnesota, Full Sail, and Expression College. He has worked as a character technical director, modeler, simulation artist, and computer graphics supervisor at Adobe, Pixar Animation Studios, Tippett Studio, Rivet Games, Laika Entertainment, Disney Lucasfilm Industrial Light and Magic, and Rigging Dojo. He is currently a Producer 3D Technical Artist at Adobe Systems working with Stock and Dimension Teams. David lives in Los Gatos with his son. He is passionate about film, interactive content, bad memes, and getting out on the water.

David has worked in 3D software developing digital market place experiences for customers using a variety of commerical products. He thrives on building automation pipelines that work in a variety of solutions from LAN to cloud based. He has also spent a great deal of time working with 3D software in proprietary environments like Pixar and ILM using their rigging, modeling, and simulation software. He has also worked with Autodesk Maya software for almost two decades. He is an Autodesk Developer Network Member and Beta Tester. He has worked in Maya as a character and creature technical director covering all areas from rigging, modeling, animation, simulating, and development using it's API and command libaries with python and PyQt. He has written procedural character pipelines and studio wide tools used in multiple departments at several award winning studios. He has been developing tools at ILM in their proprietary rigging system API and tools for animation using Maya nucleus simulation. David has also created character pipelines that worked with Qube management software and Unity Game engine in startup environments. He has worked on several academy award winning films, as well as a few Razzie winners, and takes pride in each of the teams he got to work with on all of them.

Please review some of his latest demo materials here at

David has also written some open source code for use by clients in his contract work that has been available on github. Some of that work can be viewed here:

His resume can be found here: Resume/CV

He also loves to dabble in music sets which can be heard or downloaded here undex the /mix


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